Dalal Badr, who plays Viviana in A Brand New You, speaks of her interest in her character, and the film's themes.

Have a look below at some reviews about Dalal’s work on stage:

"Much of the acting is also a pleasure, especially...Dalal Badr as Caesar’s anxious wife Calpurnia."

- Martin Morrow on Julius Caesar, The Globe and Mail

"There's some fine writing, particularly in 14-year-old Mariam's opening monologue, performed with subtlety and energy by Dalal Badr."

- Glenn Sumi on The Wanderers, NOW Magazine

"The actors struggle hard against the odds. Perhaps the best is Dalal Badr as Mariam."

- Robert Crew on The Wanderers, The Toronto Star

"The outrageous concept behind the film provides some great laughs and the charm of the actors will draw viewers into the fun."

- William Brownridge on A Brand New You, Toronto Film Scene

"As Soraya, Amir's wife, Dalal Badr's performance is exquisitely captivating and stunning and offers a wonderful female touch to the otherwise all-male principal cast."

- Vince Kanasoot on The Kite Runnervincekanasoot.com

"Dalal Badr delivers a strong performance as Amir's wife, Soraya."

- Steven Hunt on The Kite RunnerCalgary Herald

"Dalal Badr, as youngest sister Irina... really embodied that sense of hope being pulled down brick by brick."

- Kindah Mardam Bey on Three SistersPress+1

"The standout conservatory actors include Dalal Badr as Mistress Overdo."

- Jon Kaplan on Bartholomew FairNOW Magazine

"Dalal Badr rounds out the spectacular ensemble with truly excellent turns."

- Kelly Bedard on As You Like ItMy Entertainment World

"The shadow puppets are especially impressive, as is charismatic narrator Dalal Badr."

- Jon Kaplan on The Counterfeit MarquiseNOW Magazine